Alexandra Sipidias

Phone: +61 (3) 9340 3605

Science was my favourite subject at school and I had excellent teachers who supported my curiosity and nurtured my scientific mind. My love for the subject led me to seek further science education and I completed my Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology)/Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) at Swinburne University in 2010. Since graduating I have worked in a range of scientific industries. I spent time as a Laboratory Technician completing chemical and biological analysis in the Pharmaceutical, Pathology and Environmental Consulting sectors. Following this, I secured a job as the Senior Laboratory Technician at a secondary school. This position was life changing, as it reignited my passion for science education and working collaboratively to contribute to the creation of science knowledge, skills and understanding with young people. I sought further education and completed my Masters of Teaching at the University of Melbourne in 2014.

My teaching philosophy focuses on creating rich, experiential learning experiences for students through inquiry based learning and exposure to practical science. I am passionate about creating positive attitudes towards science as I feel this will create scientifically literate citizens of the 21st century.