Chris Szwed

Phone: +61 (3) 9340 3614

My love of science stems from a very early fascination with how the human body works, the ‘puzzle’ of how things can go wrong and what we may be able to do to fix them.

I pursued this passion by completing my Bachelor of Biomedical Science, specialising in immunology. I then shifted my focus to a Postgraduate Diploma of Forensic Science where I was exposed to DNA profiling and the physical sciences (blood spatter analysis was a particular favourite). Throughout my education and work history I found that I not only enjoyed learning, but that I had just as much fun passing the knowledge on or developing skills in others. It was this realisation that drew me into education and motivated me to complete my Master of Teaching.

I firmly believe in empowering students to not only learn a concept or skill, but to then draw on these to take their development further. I am particularly passionate about utilising the power of models and developing their use within an immersive, rewarding and inquiry based experience so that students are able to demonstrate their understanding and own their learning. I am also passionate about developing online learning experiences for students that replicate those in the real-world and are accessible to all. I believe that education is an evolving process. I am always seeking to understand and develop new approaches and frameworks which I share with my teaching colleagues. I hope to continue developing and delivering positive experiences for everyone involved in science and mathematics education.