Jacinta Duncan – Director

Email: jduncan@gtac.edu.au
Phone: +61 (3) 9340 3601

Jacinta has 18 years’ experience in education and instructional design, applying her passion for the life sciences to creating immersive learning journeys. She assumed the role of GTAC Director in 2012. Working closely with the GTAC team, she has increased student participation in programs from 7,000 annually to over 100,000 annually, through strengthening onsite programs, developing outreach and virtual learning initiatives and growing capabilities and connections that position GTAC as a world class education facility.

She has enhanced GTAC programs through applying a social constructivist lens providing opportunities for students to develop knowledge and skills collaboratively. Molecular biology can be challenging for students to grasp due to its abstract nature. With this in mind Jacinta has worked with the team to design models that scaffold student construction of knowledge as they manipulate components to visualise scientific concepts and engage in scientific discussion. Jacinta applies the tools of scientists, such as bioinformatics programs and latest research technologies, to enhance the learning journey and increase awareness of convergence science, allowing students to experience the interdisciplinary nature of science in Victoria. Her experience in scientific research provides strengths in communicating with scientists and translating their research.

Jacinta is a contributing author to Nelson Biology text books and has participated in committees that inform the development of the Australian Biology curriculum. Jacinta presents at conferences for education practitioners and education researchers and runs professional learning events in life sciences education. As a lecturer in science education at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, Jacinta instilled mindfulness in applying educational theory to practice and in promoting a shared language of the education profession. Jacinta brings together education and science academics providing a platform for education research to emerge from the Centre.