GTAC requires that all program participants complete an evaluation for the program they have attended. GTAC takes all feedback seriously and acts on constructive suggestions. In addition, GTAC often receives unsolicited feedback and comment from many teachers and students well after the event. Such comment is highly valued for its spontaneous and reflective nature. Here are some examples that are typical of the thoughts expressed by many teachers and students.


School Groups

“I am writing to pass on several comments made by the students. Class consensus was that this was the most educationally valuable excursion they have attended since being in secondary school. They found the GTAC teacher to be engaging, interesting and, most importantly, extremely effective in delivering the information in a manner accessible to 17/18 year olds. The opportunity to work with young scientists also had an impact on several of my students, making some of them reconsider future career pathways. I have just marked their SAC and I am very pleased with the outcome (but I won’t give you all the credit!). Keep inspiring students". Teacher, Montmorency Secondary College

“Thank-you. This session has really deepened my students’ understanding of the processes covered today. The resources used in the pre-laboratory activity were a simple but very effective tool to enable the students to visualise how plasmids/restriction enzymes work. All students had equal chance in the small groups to ‘have a go’ at using each of the tools. The scientists knowledge and ability to discuss the topics at the right level was great and they connected well with the students.” Teacher, Lara Secondary College

“I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to bring some of my students in to meet with stem cell scientists. It was an amazing opportunity and the students walked out of GTAC energised and inspired about the possibilities in the future. The range of people, from research students to professors was perfect as it showed the progression of a career in research science.” Teacher, Berwick Secondary College

“Yet again GTAC had delivered a really professional and accessible workshop to students. Keep them coming – they really are the cream of the crop as far as externally-run VCE programs go!! Thank-you so much- makes a huge different to rural students to access this at no cost.Teacher – Warracknabeal Secondary College


Teacher Professional Learning

Event: Dine with an Australian Scientific Hero “….It is opportunities such as these that allow us to engage, excite and inspire the students in our classes. …We are looking forward to the next dinner with a ‘scientific hero’”. Biology Teacher, Sacred Heart Bendigo

"….I have just had one of the chemistry teachers from here, who has been terrified of the biochemistry in the chemistry course thank me for encouraging them to go to GTAC. She could not praise the whole program enough – it was the best PD she has ever been to. She said that it was so well organised and relevant and was so impressed with the level of support provided in the practical sessions and much more. It looks like GTAC has done it again! I had told her to expect all of the above but I don’t think she believed me that such a program could be delivered. Congratulations on another resounding success". Biology Teacher, Country Victoria

Event: Annual Teacher symposium – “Hearing people speak with clarity and precision about cutting edge research is wonderful. Reminds me why I pursued a career as a science teacher.” Biology Teacher, Rural government school


The Novice Teacher

"Just a quick note to say how very valuable and relevant GTAC has been and to send a big thank you to you and your staff. … I am teaching biology for the first time and the programs offered by GTAC have assisted me so much in the development of my course material and my own professional development. I have attended both of the first time teacher seminars which have been extremely informative and have helped me get a grip on the study design. Your analogies, anecdotes and explanations have helped me to engage students and assist with the retention of concepts. ....The opportunity to work with other teachers in this way has been so valuable. I am the only biology teacher at my school. Thanks again so much for your guidance and support this year". First Year Biology Teacher, Melbourne non-government School

Event: Biology Unit 4 overview professional learning day – “Thank-you for all of your hard work. You are like super heroes to new teachers.”  First Year Biology Teacher, Melbourne government school

“Really helpful. This program clarifies SAC questions that I have and gives me a clearer understanding of expectations.” First year Biology Teacher, Melbourne non-government school


The Student

"…The program was really good. To be honest I didn’t really find it relevant, like during the day, but I stand corrected because it really paid off in the end. When we got into macromolecules at school it really helped me to get a greater understanding. Not only did it help in biology, but as I study chemistry I found it even paid off there too.” Comments from a student who attended a holiday program on the molecular concepts in Unit 3 VCE Biology

“The scientist mentor was well informed and was a great teacher. Concepts became more understandable.” Student from Donvale Christian College

“Was really interesting to hear different pathways (like TAFE) to science careers. Definitely increased my awareness of careers in science.” Student from Horsham College

“It was nice and I love it. I wanna be a scientist when I grow up.” Student from Glenroy West Primary School