Apoptosis pathways: keeping the balance and removing rogue cells – Online course

Please note that this resourse was designed to address key knowledge and skills in a previous sudy design so may go into greater detail than required for VCE Biology.


Students discover the difference between necrosis and apoptosis. They view animations of intrinsic apoptosis and annotate a diagrammatic model to represent key steps in the apoptosis signaling pathway over time. They contrast the response of a cell dying by apoptosis with a cell that is surviving and use their model to select targets for confirming if cells are undergoing apoptosis.

Students learn that acute UV radiation triggers extrinsic apoptosis pathways that lead to the sunburn response. They consider why damage to apoptosis genes can lead to a malfunction in apoptosis, causing cells to become immortal and how this can lead to melanoma.

Level - This course has been designed for students in VCE Biology but some parts may go into greater depth than required in the study design.

Time - approximately 60 minutes


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