How does the body respond to COVID-19? – Online course

Education design team: Alex Sipidias, Chris Szwed, Simon Windley, Brij Parmar

Examine how COVID-19 spreads and explore what happens in the body if someone becomes infected. Build knowledge around healthy respiratory system function, learn about how the virus infects cells and explore the stages involved in the viral life cycle. Basic features of the immune system are explained, including the importance of antibodies in responding to infection.

This course complements and should be completed after:

What is COVID-19?

This course complements and should be completed before:

How can we confirm cases of COVID-19?


This course can be used as a pre-task before attending the GTAC program 'Cells, organs and body systems'.


Level - Years 7 & 8

Estimated duration – 50 minutes


Click the "Activate this course" button below, then click "COVID-19 affects the respiratory system" in the list that appears below to begin.