Introduction to ethics – Online course

Education design: Alex Sipidias & Chris Szwed

Ethics is an area of study or branch of philosophy which helps guide us to do the right thing as we live our lives. This free online course will introduce some different ethical approaches and concepts, and explain what they are, using examples in the context of bioethics.

When exploring ethical issues, applying the ethical approaches and concepts is essential in order to resolve the issue or take a position.

This course also includes some tools to help you analyse bioethical issues outside of this course.

6S fact collecting framework: a framework which helps you to research the issue and gather evidence related to different aspects of the issue: self, source, science, stakeholders, society and systems.

Ethical analysis tool: a tool to help you recognise and apply different ethical approaches and concepts.

Both of these documents are fillable PDFs.


Approximate duration: 30 min


Click the 'Activate this course' button below, then click ‘What is ethics?' in the list that appears below to begin.