Modelling respiration pathways – Online course

In this course students will explore the process of cellular respiration as you follow glucose on a journey into the cell. Watch as it is broken down during glycolysis and calculate the net yield of the co-enzyme, ATP. Zoom into the mitochondria and explore the inputs and outputs of the Krebs cycle and the electron transport chain. Compare the ATP yield for anaerobic and aerobic cellular respiration.

You will need to download and print the following files for use in this course:

  1. Respiration Poster Part A
  2. Modelling pieces for glycolysis and krebs cycle
  3. Respiration poster part B
  4. Respiration poster part C
  5. Electron transport chain models

You will also need a pair of scissors, blu tak and some poppit beads or paper clips to represent 6 carbon glucose.

Level - VCE Biology Unit 3

Estimated duration - 60 minutes


Click the 'Activate this course' button below, then click 'Why do we respire' in the list that appears below to begin.