The colours of photosynthesis – Online course

The equation for photosynthesis is a simplification of a series of biochemical processes that occur in the light dependent and light independent reactions in the chloroplast. In this interactive course you will manipulate models to deconstruct the process of photosynthesis in order to interrogate the photosynthesis equation.

In this course you will;

  • Use representations of the light dependent and light independent reactions to identify the biochemical processes occurring in the chloroplast
  • Deconstruct the process of photosynthesis to differentiate inputs and outputs and calculate numbers of each.
  • Make connections between the biochemical processes and the inputs and outputs to interrogate the photosynthesis equation.

Level -  VCE Biology students

Estimated duration - 60 minutes.

NOTE TO VCE BIOLOGY STUDENTS – While the level of detail in this resource might initially appear high, it has been designed so that you can analyse the inputs and outputs in order to understand why the inputs are required and how the outputs are produced. You can identify the key inputs and outputs for photosynthesis as those that are found in the photosynthesis equation.


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