The sunburn response and skin cancer: A case study of a mulfunction in apoptosis – Online course

Please note that this course was designed to address key knowledge and skills in a previous sudy design so may go into greater detail than required for VCE Biology.


Explore the role of intrinsic and extrinsic apoptosis in protecting us from developing skin cancer through the sunburn response. Examine scientific evidence that contributed to our understanding of the sunburn response and model apoptosis to demonstrate how a UV damaged cell is removed. Consider how malfunctions in apoptosis can lead to skin cancers that are difficult to treat and explore possible treatments.



VCE Biology Unit 1.


The course has an estimated duration of 120 minutes.


The course features downloadable models that will assist in developing your understanding. Links are available in the course and also below for your convenience.

GTAC - Modelling intrinsic apoptosis

GTAC - The apoptosis game


Suggested follow-up activity:

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