Graeme Clark Oration

This event has been cancelled for 2020


Graeme Clark Oration

Your heart's digital twin

presented by Dr Natalia Trayanova

Monday 20th July - Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre


GTAC is very excited to announce the 2020 Graeme Clark Oration schools program provided free of charge to Victorian students and their teachers. Students from Rural Government schools are eligible for financial support for their travel. Contact for more information.


Programs catering for Victorian students in Years 9 - 12 include:

1. Design thinking workshops where students consider bioengineering treatments for heart disease 10:00am - 2:15pm

These workshops introduce students to careers in STEM and showcase convergent science by asking students to draw on interdisciplinary knowledge across different STEM areas. Guided by scientist mentors, students will utilise research technologies and simulations to investigate the physiology of the heart.  Victorian bioengineers seeking innovative solutions to treat heart disease will present a research challenge to students. Student teams will employ a design thinking model as they design a device to meet the challenge of treating heart disease.


2. Schools oration and Biomedical showcase for students and teachers 2:15pm - 4:30pm

In a special presentation for schools the 2020 Orator, Dr Natalia Trayanova, Professor of Biomedical Engineering in the Department of Medicine at John Hopkins University, will deliver a special presentation for secondary school science students and their teachers. Natalia will discuss her career journey, what inspired her into STEM research, and her research discoveries at a level accessible to secondary students. Students have the opportunity to ask questions following the presentation.

The presentation will be preceded by the Biomedical Showcase for schools which provides students the opportunity to interact with local STEM experts and entrepreneurs from Biomedical engineering companies, from small start-ups to large institutes. Representatives will demonstrate their innovative products and ideas that are changing the face of healthcare.  Students can get hands-on with novel technologies and will be encouraged by scientists to ask questions as they move freely between displays. This event is tailored for students and their teachers.

Click here for more information about the oration and Dr Natalia Trayanova's area of research.


3. Youth Ambassadors program

Applications will be accepted for two Youth Ambassador positions. These ambassadors will be year 11 or 12 students who represent Victorian STEM students. The Youth Ambassadors will be appointed in recognition of their passion for biomedical research and leadership skills. They will deliver a vote of thanks to the Orator as well as a short presentation to showcase the Schools program. Click here to find out more about the ambassador program.


Public programs include:

4. Graeme Clark Oration 6:15pm - 7:30pm

Students and teachers will join over 2000 of Australia’s preeminent members of the scientific community to hear Dr Natalia Trayanova deliver her oration, in one of the most prominent science events for 2020. Click here for information about the oration.

Time:  6:15pm sharp, concludes at 7:30pm

Bookings for the public oration are handled by the oration organisers.



5. Graeme Clark Oration Dinner 7:30pm - 10:00pm

One teacher and two students will be invited by the committee from selected participating schools.


This event has been cancelled for 2020


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