Crossing membranes investigation part 2

Step 2 - Prepare solutions with varying solute concentration.

The eggs with dissolved shells will be placed into 3 empty beakers or cups. Refer to the image below as to how this investigation will be set up.


Each of the beakers will have 100ml of sodium chloride (NaCl) solution at different concentrations. These are made by dissolving sodium chloride (the solute) into water (the solvent). You will need to calculate the mass of solute to add to the solution in order to achieve the right percentage concentration.

Copy the table below into your workbook and then enter the mass of NaCl to add to each beaker:






You can use the following formula as a guide:

mass (g) = volume of water (solvent) in ml x percentage of NaCl (solute) in solution

Note that the percentage of NaCl in solution value should be in decimals.


After calculating the mass to add, move to the next page.


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