Pathogen Attack – GTAC’s immunology game


Pathogen Attack, the long awaited GTAC immunology game, provides students with another fun way to study the adaptive immune response.


Coordinate immune cells as you fight off invasions by pathogens such as the influenza virus and streptococcus bacteria in this fast-paced real-time strategy game.


Developed with immunology experts and software developers, the GTAC Immunology Game gives players insight into the various pathways and cells that are involved in generating an immune response, all while having fun (and potentially getting a little competitive).

The game is free-to-play and should work across any device that has the latest versions of browser software installed.


There is also an online course that compliments the game, with questions for students to explore their understanding of the cells of the adaptive immune response and their interactions. The Pathogen Attack online course can be found at Students > Online Courses.




NOTE - the game requires you to register a separate log in profile to your GTAC website profile. You can use the same username and password.


Click here to play Pathogen Attack