Quick guide to citing references

When you are writing a research article, blog or any other piece of writing that you intend to submit, it is important that you reference where the information comes from. This will show your audience the sources of your information, allow them to find and evaluate those sources, potentially strengthen your argument, and reduce the chance that you might plagiarise other people's work.

Below is a quick guide on how to cite references in your piece.

1 – In the body of the text.

Use the convention (author name, year of publication) if you cite a reference that comes from a book, journal, magazine, or newspaper. Use the convention (URL, date retrieved) if the reference is a website.

2 – List the reference information at the end of your blog.

Use the APA citation method by listing the details appropriate for the medium in order as shown below.


Author or organisation name (if available); year published (if available); title of the work (in italics); date you retrieved the information; website URL.

Journal, magazine, or newspaper article:

Author names; date or year of publication; article title; journal title (in italics); volume number; page numbers; URL and date of access (if retrieved online).


Author or organisation name; title of book (in italics); location of publisher; publisher name; year of publication; URL and date of access (if retrieved online).