Online Learning

The team at GTAC have prepared and continue to design innovative online learning courses for your students to use freely in your classrooms and in their home-lives. Drawing on contemporary life science contexts, the courses utilise multiple digital mediums to ensure your students are supported in their learning experiences. Click here to browse the available courses now.



Courses may include videos of GTAC scientists at work in the lab, sharing their expertise and experience, as they guide students through the concepts explored. Cutting edge animations created by GTAC's Scientific Animator are also utilised in multiple ways, including the visualisation of abstract molecules and the animation of biochemical processes.





Courses may also include activities and questions to assist in student learning. With consideration of contemporary science education theory, many questions seek to not only test student knowledge but also extend it through application, analysis and evaluation. Interactive activities seek to probe and extend student understanding through the direct manipulation of components, whether it is constructing a simple flow chart through to breaking apart and reassembling DNA pieces.



Courses will range from short activities to those that can be run across multiple classes, from middle years science topics through to tasks for VCE Biology.

Feel free to browse the available courses and check back regularly to discover what exciting and innovative courses have been added.

Students can register through the 'Register' link on our homepage so that they can access our courses.


Click here to browse the available courses.