Cells Online

The worksheets below were developed for your students to explore cell structure and function and microscopy techniques. Many of the images contained in these worksheets have been captured using the range of microscopes we have onsite at the GTAC learning laboratories (including fluorescence microscopes and a scanning electron microscope).

Animal endothelial cell
Banana cells and iodine
Elodea plant cell
Pancreatic Hormone
Plasmolysis in Elodea
Red Onion Cells 1
Red Onion Cells 2
Red Onion Cells 3
Changing focus
Root Hair Cell
Cell Size 1
Cell Size 2
Green is Good Red is Dead
Clear or Blue
Cytoplasmic Proteins
Seeing nuclei
Neurons Line Up
Cell Cycle
Neurons in culture
Animal Tissues
Leaf Hairs
Cells and Hairs
Islets of Langerhans
Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization 1
Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization_2


Resource developer - Dr. Fran Maher