What changed your mind? Competition winners and short-listed entries

The Competition was an opportunity for students of Years 7–10 to share personal stories and reflections about making the decision to get a COVID-19 vaccination.  Heartfelt thanks to all the students across Victoria who submitted an entry.  The panel of six judges were impressed by the quality of the submissions, as well as the diversity of communication and messaging styles.  It was a challenging field from which the panel shortlisted 11 entries and selected three winners.

Congratulations to the three Competition winners:

  • TC of St Columba’s College
  • JR of Lakeview Senior College
  • AM of Kingswood College

Each of the winning students and their schools will receive a prize.  Each of the entries that made it to the short-list will also receive a certificate of recognition for their contribution.

Please take the time to enjoy and reflect on the gallery of short-listed entries presented below.


A controversial matter (winning entry)

by TC (St Columba’s College)

In this short clip from ‘2021 News’, Mikayla (a student from Melbourne) talks about what changed her mind to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.  My submission explores the hesitance that many felt/still feel about getting the COVID vaccine and can be relatable to many.


COVID iso lonely (winning entry)

by JR (Lakeview Senior College) - click image to view full image

The unfortunate and saddening news of my family member testing positive required us to all get isolated at home.  Many concerns and obstacles arose, including loneliness and fear of getting infected.  Thankfully, everyone in our household is fully or partially vaccinated.  It helped our infected family member recover faster and protected the rest of us from the virus.  After isolation, I got fully vaccinated and never felt more protected.


C.O.V.I.D (winning entry)

by AM (Kingswood College)

My song is called C.O.V.I.D.  It explains that everyone should get their jab if they want to have fun and be happy and end the lockdowns.  It shows that everyone plays a part.


A vaccine calling

by SD (St Columba’s College) - click image to view full image

I considered the historical evolution of vaccines and how fortunate we are to have such effective protection.  I wanted to convey a message of hope and gratitude.  I also wanted to display how the pandemic of fear has outrun people with unnecessary rumours.  I hope to inspire people to take the vaccination as an opportunity to protect those who we love.


What changed your mind, Grandma?

by EL (Melbourne Girls’ Grammar) - click image to view full image

This series of comic panels speaks to the importance of having conversations about vaccination.  Some of our dearest relatives, even those who are vulnerable, are reluctant to get vaccinated because of claims that they have heard from friends, family, and online.  Sometimes, their reasons for not being vaccinated are deeply held but, without a conversation, we will never be able to ask questions, provide relevant information, and communicate what is likely to happen.


Five questions for people who have not been jabbed

by AS (St Albans Secondary College) - click image to view full image

The message I intended to convey is that getting jabbed is honourable and a thoughtful thing to do. This is done by appealing to people’s sense of patriotism and civic duty.  This parodies a WWI enlistment poster.  Personally, I was hesitant to get vaccinated (I don’t like needles) but thinking about the potential that even one unvaccinated person has to spread the virus changed my mind.


Get your COVID vaccine today!

by CD, EL, KL, and TPT (St Albans Secondary College) - click image to view full image

It encourages people to get the vaccine, to protect themselves and others, and to build herd immunity.


Uno cards

by SB (Ararat College) - click image to view full image

My meme shows why I got the vaccine and why people wanted me to get it.


What changed my mind?

by ED (Ararat College) - click image to view full image

My project is about my experience and my first ever opinion on the vaccination.  My inspiration came from my fear of needles/injections and my love for dance.


What changed my mind for the vaccine

by EN (Glen Waverley Secondary College) - click image to view full image

What inspired me to share my story is, if someone else is in the same situation where a family member is stuck overseas, the vaccine is the best hope.  I hope audiences of my story will get their vaccines so those like my mom will be able to come back home, and people don’t feel the guilt of passing COVID-19 to others.


What changed your mind?

by KJ (Glen Waverley Secondary College) - click image to view full image

The message I wanted to convey through my poster is that getting the vaccine could not only save your life but also dozens, if not hundreds, of others.  At first, I was quite hesitant to get my vaccine shot but seeing the multiple benefits it can have changed my mind, convincing me to do my part.