What changed your mind? Competition information

Here’s what to do:

1 - If you have not previously registered on the GTAC website, click here to register and then log in.

2 - Register your interest in entering the competition.  You will receive a confirmation email. An email containing instructions on how to submit your entry will follow shortly after.  Entries may be submitted by individuals or by groups of up to 4 students. Your entry will comprise two parts:

Part 1 - Supporting document
Part 2 - The submission that addresses “What changed your mind?”


Prepare Part 1: Your supporting documentation

3 - Following registration, you will receive an email.  Attached to this email is the supporting document that you must submit with your entry.  The document asks for the following information:

  • What is the title of your entry?
  • What is the message you want to convey?
    • You will need to prepare a statement (50-100 words) that outlines the connection between your submission and the theme “What changed your mind?”
  • If you are shortlisted this information may be displayed with your entry.


Prepare Part 2: Your submission on “What changed your mind?”

4 - Prepare your submission, addressing the following points:

  • Your submission can be serious, funny, informative, creative, or journalistic.   Entries will be judged for relevance to the theme, originality, overall presentation, emotional impact, and adherence to the formatting criteria.
  • What format do you want to use?
    • Digital poster
    • Original meme
    • Video clip
    • Short story
    • Interview transcript
    • Photograph
    • Comic
  • Formatting criteria for the submission:
    • Submissions should be no more than one A4 page or 90 seconds and take the format of a PDF, MP4, JPEG, or Word file.
    • Submissions can include a mixture of text (maximum 300 words) and images
    • Exclude any copyrighted material (including music, images, or text) sourced from elsewhere
  • Submit entries containing images of individuals with a completed consent form to publish from the subject of the image
  • Ensure that the submission piece excludes names, contact details, social media handles, and any other means by which the entrants or subjects of the entry may be publicly identified; pseudonyms may be used instead of real names


Submit your entry to GTAC

5 - Following registration, you will receive a registration confirmation email.  A separate email with details on how to submit your entry to the competition will be sent shortly afterwards. You will be required to upload a supporting document and your submission via links that you will receive in the follow-up email.

6 - Competition closes on Monday, 6th December 2021. Entries must be received by 4.30 pm on that date.

7 - Short-listed submissions will be exhibited on the GTAC website by Monday, 13th December, 2021

8 - Winners will be announced on the Wednesday, 15th December 2021


If you plan to enter the competition, it is essential that you read the competition guidelines carefully.  For the best jab at winning a prize for your submission, ensure your entry obeys the terms and conditions.


Click here to register your interest in the competition